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Wish List 2013

i keep my wishlist up to date here:
If you are selling anything off it or know where to find any of these items, please let me know!!
Thank you!!!

Pinch Me, I Think I'm Dreamin' ;)

Meeting #1 at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI after the show =)

Meeting #3 (#2 happened at the Best Buy in-store live performance/autograph signing but pictures weren't allowed...*sad face*) outside the venue of the show at the High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI
In this picture I'm wearing my new Plato's Closet find--the AE dress ASO Sookie Stackhouse in TB and Gabriella Montez in HSM but the pink version. Size 0, $16 and like new!!! Fits perfectly!

Patience is a virtue....that I lack

Hey all! 

Wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel! (I'd try to impress with other languages but I only am fluent in English and French so I feel I'll keep it to those). I have yet to post images of my LUCKY BRAND HEATHERED STRIPE HENLEY and then I am getting the Ugg Adirondack II boots in Otter for Christmas but there was some issue with my order so I won't be getting those tomorrow sadly  =( Also getting the Ruth Cross mittens but as they are coming from across the pond they aren't under the tree either. I just received my Tilly's thermal in the light teal color as an alternate to the Splendid one Bella wears in the scene where she states she is irrevocably in love with Edward. I also have an acquaintance that works at Ikea who just got me the Orgel desk lamp so that will be featuring soon too. I also bought the Caroll forged vanity mirror while it was on sale at Pier 1. And wow, that sucker is BIG!!!!!!!!! But I like it so I think I will keep it. Also in the works is the JCrew professor cardigan which I was able to find on eBay thanks to notice from an awesome CS-er (I'd give credit where it is due but my memory is terrible....and I'm only 25. This scares me...) I asked the seller if she would do a BIN and she agreed! It was an ivory one in size S which is perfect. Am in the midst of dying it as we speak. Then I bought a dark yellow paper lantern from Just Artifacts online and then I painted it with Folk Art's "Autumn Leaves" (#920) acrylic paint in attempt to make it two-tone like Bella's. It is currently drying and while I couldn't quite master the jagged line of Bella's, I am pretty darn pleased if I may say so.
So hopefully early in the New Year I will have those goodies all photographed ready to share with you awesome girlies! Happy Holidays one and all! May the new year bring you nothing but good times with great friends and amazing memories =) And let's hope for some awesome new BD clothing spots and such!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Peyton jewel tone candle sets

The top 2 pictures are of the set with the more pinkish/purple-ish tealight cups then the bottom 2 show the redder version. I have 2 sets of the pink/purple ones and like 3 sets of the red. I have them all over my room and then the rest of the house too. They are GORGEOUS! I found the red sets at Deals dollar store for $5 a set...can't beat that! They also have them at Meijer for $12.99 I found one of the fuschia sets there, the other was bought off of eBay.

New Moon clothing & shoes

This is what I have from New Moon. I REALLY want the Lucky Brand Henley. I also have alternatives to the green Italy scene shirt and then the Splendid rugby stripe henley which I dyed in Rit's wine dye color. I will make another post for the alternatives/Bella inspired pieces.